A ten-year-old boy in the Philippines holds his first camera, an AE-1 Canon. This is truly a beloved gift from his father. When the boy held that camera for the first time, he did not know it would be a pivotal moment in his life, but he did know it felt right. Self taught, he held that camera and many others over the years as he perfected his skills. He began his journey with street photography in Bacolod City, Philippines and later documented tragic struggles in the slums of Manila. After moving to the United States in the late 1980s, he became serious about landscape and nature photography. This would be his passion and joy for his entire life. Decades later, Jun Dinsay is now known for his breathtaking landscape and nature photography.

When asked about how he feels while photographing nature’s beauty Dinsay says, “I ask myself that question all of the time. Why do I wake up well before dawn, just to catch a sunrise? Or go out in the middle of the night just to observe the stars? Why do I drive hundreds of miles to make a single image? The answer is, it makes me explore new places that I might not have discovered. I see the world in new ways. It’s like meditation.”



If you are seeking extraordinary art, as a private individual or for your business, you will find a wide array of beautiful, high quality landscape and nature images including: the splendor of a sunrise or sunset; the solitude and peace of the desert; mountains in all their majesty and the calm as well as turbulent sea.

These unique, awe-inspiring prints are perfect for your home or business. Jun Dinsay looks forward to working with you personally to satisfy your needs and match your highest expectations.

All images are printed on demand and the entire process is personally supervised by the photographer. All works are high quality limited edition prints. The images are ready to hang art, with your choice fine art prints, or face mount acrylic print.

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